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Garage Door Torsion Spring Repair

Get in touch with us to get reliable garage door torsion spring repair in Bloomington, Minnesota. Our goal is to hire the best tech for every job. Each technician must be qualified, certified, and dignified. You deserve outstanding service from a thoroughly trained and highly-skilled garage door specialist. We will send an experienced technician to repair or replace your springs. These pros are trained to work with torsion and extension springs. These springs can be dangerous to work with. Let us send a pro to service your springs today.

Quick and accurate extension or torsion spring repair

Springs are subject to damage like any other components. They are designed to balance heavy garage doors for a specific amount of cycles. Now if the balance of the garage door is not right, call us. We’ll send a pro to check and do the required torsion spring adjustment. Sometimes, springs become loose when they complete many cycles. A cycle occurs when the door opens and closes. Obviously, the more cycles your component lasts the better. These springs can be hazardous to work with. A tightly wound spring can snap back during the repair process. This can cause serious injury to the person conducting the service. That person could be you or someone you love. Don’t let that happen. Call us and we will send a pro to provide a safe and efficient torsion spring repair in Bloomington.

Sometimes it is better to get a garage door torsion spring replacement

Springs are not that expensive. Sometimes it simply makes more sense to get garage door torsion spring replacement. A trained specialist will come out and replace your spring in a jiffy. They will put their skills and experience to work for you. The torsion spring is mounted above the garage door. It is common for one spring to open a door. However, some doors require two. The extension type always comes in a pair. They are mounted on each side of the garage door. If you’re going to change one, you might as well change the other. Reach out to Garage Door Repair Bloomington MN today. Outstanding repair or replacement service is just a phone call away.

Do you need broken torsion spring replacement? Take out your phone and make that call right now. Don’t risk working on your own spring. A skilled expert can do the job quickly, effectively, and at a fair price. Check out our same day Bloomington garage door torsion spring repair service.